Guardian Dressage accepts select horses for sale on consignment. Some horses coming from other career paths make phenomenal dressage horses, and some dressage horses find their calling elsewhere too. Quality horses are regularly available so please check back or contact Hailey Guard for more information.



2007 16.1h Hanoverian gelding by Royal Blend

Royal Heartbreaker is about as safe and reliable as they come. 15 years old this year and standing at 16.1h tall, he’s an imported Hanoverian by Royal Blend (Rotspon) with incredibly smooth gaits and a gentle personality.

He is very easy in the bridle, in either the snaffle or the double. He likes his job and is very capable of teaching someone the movements all the way from the ground up to PSG and capable of more. He takes a joke and carries on with his work.

He’s quiet, good for vet, farrier, travels well to shows and clinics. He hasn’t had maintenance but I’m sure would benefit from some in his new home. All his owner did previously was a round of Adequan in 2019 and 2020 before they went to Wellington. He has low mileage and is in general a low maintenance horse.

His show record was only ever with his AA owner, from first level through PSG. His owner is now in their 70's and they're ready to retire from riding and competing, and this horse is looking for his next partner. So if you're looking to finish your bronze medal, your silver, looking for a JR/YR horse, or a confidence builder, this guy is worth your time!



2012 17h Spanish PRE- ANCCE Registered Gelding

Palomo is fairly unique for his breed. Based on his size and his quality of walk, it's not typical to find a PRE with this kind of commanding presence, and his large over-track in the walk is unusual for the Spanish horses.

He does offer the good qualities of a PRE as well, which includes being easy off the leg, sensitive to the aids, having incredibly smooth gaits to sit, and is easy to put on the bit.

He is not suitable for a true beginner, but he would thrive in a regular program and loves attention and consistency. He doesn't have any vices and isn't naughty, but this is not a horse you can plan on riding once or twice a week and think he is going to be the same every ride. He's ready to be shown first level and working on second level movements.

He is schooling 2nd level. He learns quickly and enjoys his job. He had some time off due to life changes of his owner, and for the last 5 months he had been in training with another professional. Due to circumstances of her health she is unable to represent him for sale, and he is now with me for sale. I did compete him when he was first purchased by his owner and it's a big reason why I stepped in to help market him.

Palomo is registered with lifetime membership with both USDF and USEF, he is great on trails, he loves attention and is really looking for someone that will love him.

aros prettyies.jpg


2010 17h Oldenburg gelding by Furst Romancier

Aros is a , confirmed 4th level school master with an extensive show record, scores from training level through fourth level easily and regularly hitting the upper 70's.

He is super safe, very smooth to ride but also very fancy way of going. He has an 'in your pocket' personality in the ground. He really wants to be loved by someone! Travels to and from shows easily, has impeccable ground manners, and enjoys all attention paid to him.

He has shown through Prix St Georges with his scores at that level in the mid 60's, and is schooling all of the elements of I-1. This is definitely a horse that you could put a YR/AA on, with no prep or lunging required beforehand.

Has x-rays that are under a year old, no injuries or illness to report! Keep an eye out for him in the show arena this summer as we prepare to put him back on the market!



2008 17.1h Rheinlander gelding by Sandro Hit

**SOLD- Congratulations to his new owner for completing her silver medal with this guy!

AA/YR friendly I-1 school master.

Shirocco aka "Taco" is currently schooling all of the Grand Prix with a proven show record through the Intermediare-1.

He has been shown through the levels by an Amateur, Young Rider, and two professionals.

Scores to 70.4% at Prix St. Georges and 68% in the I-1.

He is not spooky and is reliable both at home and at the shows for his rider. Very easy to sit all of his gaits. He goes for hacks off property, stands for clipping & farrier, trailers well, and has no vices or soundness issues.

This is some one’s dream horse ready to teach them and help achieve their silver medal, with the possibility of more training for their gold!



2007 Sport Pony Mare 14.1h

**SOLD, congratulations to her wonderful new owner, she is going to be a great dressage pony!

She is an ideal petite AA mount, easy in the bridle, smooth and very easy to sit, always trying to figure out what you want and above all SAFE. No buck or bolt in this little girl. She does not have a dressage record but she would be able to go out and do training level and first level quickly.



2005 Bavarian Warmblood Gelding

**Sold, congrats to 'Zodi's' new owner, we can't wait to see your progress together!

16h black imported gelding. Previous show record as a 2'-2'6" hunter but schooling all the way through 3rd level. Very personable and friendly with amazing ground manners.

True Love Connection



**Sold, congratulations to the best possible match for this pony, can't wait to see you guys in the show ring!

Registered pure bred AHA bay mare out of Afire Love VF
She has quickly worked through first level up to third level movements, and very easy to work in lateral movements. No more having to ‘kick’ or ‘push’ ride this little mare if you’re tired of the battle of constantly having to ask for forward. She loves trail rides and has no problem walking out alone or with others. Barefoot and very easy keeper. Goes in a 3 piece loose ring snaffle.

Get your dressage medals on something fun and easy to ride, or take her to Arabian Shows and clean up.

Currently priced $17,000



2008 17h Hanoverian Gelding by Hotline

* Sold, congratulations to Hadrian's new owner. We are excited to see this horse shine in the hunter arena!

Hadrian HVH is a 17h bay Hanoverian gelding by Hotline, out of Elite Mare Whitney BH. He has a very extensive dressage show record, and has been shown up to second level and trained up to third, flying changes, lateral movements, counter canter etc. come easily to him and he could have potential as an Eq horse.

His movement makes him more ideal for the Hunter ring, and he is loving learning to jump.



2008 14.1h Oldenburg x Welsh Gelding

*Sold, congratulations to Alek's wonderful new owner!

This little guy had been a hunter pony for years and had made the decision that he no longer wanted to jump. Luckily for us he had spectacular gaits and loved all of the flat work and movements, and had 3rd level pretty much figured out within a month and a half. He really is a special little horse.