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Lessons encourage riders to learn how to work with their horse, to ride using soft but correct aids, and developing an independent seat. The goal is to help create a better connection and understanding of their horse.

Working with bio-mechanics and the dressage training principles to help bring harmony to both horse and rider is a main focus during lessons. 

All ages are welcome for lessons but as of now there are no 'lesson' horses available. Clients must have their own horses for lessons.

Lessons are currently only being offered on site for $125 per lesson.

Coaching at shows is also available, base price of $125/day per client *price dependent on travel.

Hailey's relaxed but organized and focused approach helps reduce some show nerves and tension for both riders and their horses. Prior to arrival at the show a plan will be laid out as to how best approach and address what the rider and horse need to focus on. Having a plan while warming up will help keep the pair focused while preparing for their test.

*Outside clinic pricing dependent on travel.

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