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Recommended training for young horses is 4-5 days a week, in the full training program for $1,300 a month. Session length depends on the horses and the day, but ending each day on a positive note with steps forward in progress; however small, is a priority at Guardian Dressage.

Starting young horses under saddle can be extremely rewarding, and when done correctly and gently it sets a horse up for a very positive future regardless of intended future disciplines. Starting young horses should be a happy process where the horse enjoys being with you and working with you.

Hailey has developed her process for gently and thoughtfully starting young horses under saddle through years of working with trainers and horses across the country. She has successfully started dozens of young horses under saddle, and many have continued with successful show careers.

The trainers she has worked with used similar techniques in their processes of starting and developing horses. These emphasized understanding the needs of the individual animals and taking the time to build a foundation of trust on which all future training stands.

Ground manners as well as developing correct muscles, mechanics, and clear understanding of voice commands are emphasized before riding begins.

Once confidently under saddle; exposure to life outside the arena with a rider is encouraged alongside the basic dressage training scale and principles.

A young horse that respects you and can understand what you want will look to you for guidance in those tough moments when they're insecure.

Every horse is different, and has different needs to be taken into consideration to create the best plan to help them succeed in whatever their future may hold for them.

Young Horses: Service
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